User Documentation

To broadcast online on several sites at the same time, you should specify server addresses and broadcasting key in the settings of your broadcast.
How-to get a mp4 video link to use in a html5 player on a website
After this integration new Zoom recordings will automatically upload from Zoom cloud to your Boomstream account.
In order to broadcast with our built-in app from browser on iOS 15:
On our platform chat is embedded in stream player . You should just activate it in settings.
This is a description of how to connect your PayPal account and platform Boomstream. It allows accepting payment with credit card and PayPal directly to your account without any fees from Boomstream. We will charge you only for storage and bandwidth.
In this case, the source of live is video. This feature allows you to schedule VOD playing, e.g. for creating webinar automation or web TV channel.
Little manual about built-in web application for live broadcasting
You can add customer manually to any existing subscription.
To recover access to purchased video, pls use Recovery code
Purchase of Video On Demand or Live broadcasting goes in several steps.
Playlists are useful for groupping video with common themes. These videos in playlist will be played in order in one player.
To begin live broadcasting you have to get video stream from ip camera and redirect it to Boomstream platform.
User manual of different ways of uploading video.
Example of creating access by password to uploaded video and live broadcasting.
You can create subscription for any uploaded video or live broadcasting and sell it on the moment on your site, blog or social network page.
User manual for streaming using Online Video Platform Boomstream.
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free software for live broadcasting with ability to manage audio and audio sources.
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most common protocol used for uploading files to a server. To upload files via FTP you should use a special software. There are some ones for Windows OS: Total Commander, FAR, FileZilla, etc.