Live streaming

You can start streaming easily to thousands of viewers with Boomstream platform

No matter what you chose: webcam from a browser, streaming software or encoder box, rtsp ip camera or uploaded video

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Core Features




  • Full HD quality
  • Android and ios devices support
  • Adaptive streaming
  • Global CDN
  • Embedding

Going live

Our stream service helps you to solve any task. If you want to go live with webcam and show your screen, it’s better to use streaming software like OBS. We receive stream from any source with universal protocols RTMP and RTSP. Your live will be viewed on all modern devices even with low connection speed, as we deliver video by HLS. You can create as many streams as you wish. We record your stream automatically so it will be available for viewers after stopping broadcast. Always ad-free.

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Event live streaming

You can embed player in any site, cms or educational platform with iframe. Also you can give viewer direct link to the player with stream. Participants of your event do not need to register on our service. Moderated chat is embedded in player.

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Manage password protected stream

It will take only 2 minutes to adjust password protected stream, we timed. Only authorized viewers will get access to the live. Session control prevents of password sharing with other people. We send letters to the viewers with password and stream link, after you have added them in the list of customers. You can enable dynamic watermarking to prevent screen capture. After activating this option, we will depict viewer’s email, name, device ip address in different parts of the screen with random shift.

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Pay Per View streams

You can easily start to monetize you streams, simply connect your PayPal account. Paywall is built in player. Boomstream takes no commissions from ticket price. All earnings go directly to your account. After successful payment we authorize viewer and open access for watching. To protect you from pirates and sharing we offer our complex protection.

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Automated webinars

No, we do not simply hide player controls. It does not differ from common live stream as it is really the same broadcast. But the source for the stream is your preloaded video. You can schedule stream, manage chat from your account panel. Automated webinar can also be free, password protected or with pay-per-view option.

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Live Ip camera

We offer flexible solution for streaming with ip camera. After creating ip camera in your account, you get direct link to the player and iframe with player code to embed it. You can configure camera streaming controls using our public API.

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