Live broadcasting and video selling

To create subscription, you should:

1. Upload video or create live broadcasting in Boomstream system.

2. Fill in seller contacts in project properties

Attention! The above contact information is public and available for viewing by customers.

seller contacts...

3. Create new PPV option in Subscription section. To do that please press “Create pay per view” button, enter name and subscription objectives.

  • Name. It will be shown in customer’s emails and on payment page.
  • Type of subscription:
    • Single. After payment User get access to only video included in this subscription.
    • Group. After payment User get access to several videos, included in this group subscription.
  • Cost. Cost of subscription for user
  • Period. Period, during which, user has access to paid subscription.
  • Activations. Quantity of possible subscription activations. User could activate player by recovery code in different browsers and devices. User get recovery code by mail after purchasing subscription.
  • Contacts. Contact details are shown in the player.
  • About. Description of your subscription, will be shown on payment page.

Attention! If you want to sell video/live broadcasting, you have to put check mark - Allow the sale of video.

create ppv...

4. Add uploaded video to created subscription. Video added to subscription will be marked with green sign. You can add video to several subscriptions with different objectives. Customer itself will choose appropriate variant before purchasing.

adding subscription...

5. Get player code of video with subscription.

player code...

6. Example of PPV video.

example of ppv video...

7. Clicking on video name, you can edit list of videos and check purchase statistics.

video name editing...

8. Edit subscription objectives and check list of customers

subscription objectives...

9. Add customers manually, change objectives of purchase and check recovery codes sessions.

Attention! After you manually added customer, he would receive mail with link to the video and recovery code.

Attention! If you add customer to group subscription, you can choose any video from the list (e.g. first video), and customer will have access to all videos from this group subscription.

purchase objectives...

Example of PPV player