Live broadcasting from IP camera

To begin live broadcasting you have to get video stream from ip camera and redirect it to Boomstream platform. At the moment Boomstream supports two ways of broadcasting using ip camera:

1. Broadcasting directly from IP camera.

First of all, connect IP camera to internet.

If camera doesn’t have static IP address, you should use dynamic IP. Some equipment manufacturers provide this technology, or you can use existing third-party services.

Get RTSP link. You can get this link using control bar or camera user manual. Link to video stream looks like:


Then go to Boomstream Live section and click button – Add IP-camera.

add ip-camera...

In pop up window you should type:

1. Name – name of your live broadcasting

2. Url - RTSP link to video stream.

3. User name and Password – user data for getting access to your IP-camera.

ip-camera settings...

After adding new IP-camera, click on its name.

You see detailed settings of your IP-camera live broadcasting:

1. Camera status - Start/stop broadcasting.

2. Camera record – Start/stop recording.

3. Url - RTSP link to video stream.

4. User data for getting access to your IP-camera.

5. Record settings.

6. Covers.

7. Statistics of views and duration of clips.

8. Information – here you can change name of live broadcasting; add description of live; add offline message.

9. Records – links to live broadcasting records.

ip-camera live broadcasting settings...

2. Broadcasting from IP camera, using external programs.

To redirect video stream from IP camera, use such programs as FFMPEG or Open Broadcaster Software (with installed plugin ip camera as video source).

Broadcasting using Open Broadcaster Software

Broadcasting using FFMPEG

ffmpeg -i "rtsp://IP_АДРЕС_КАМЕРЫ:554/live" -vcodec copy -acodec copy -f flv rtmp://
  • IP Camera broadcasts using codecs h264/AAC, if not, you have to transcode stream using keys (-vcodec libx264 -acodec aac). Keys are different depending from installed libraries.
ffmpeg -i "rtsp://IP_АДРЕС_КАМЕРЫ:554/live" -vcodec libx264 -acodec aac -f flv rtmp://