Domain Parking

Domain parking is provided for the purpose of containing the name of your domain and not our system domain names in the links to your project (video files, screenshots, player).

You can use both second-level domains (for example,, and third-, fourth-level domains, and so on (for example,,

To use your domain you should:

  • Specify domain name in the section “Branding” in project settings.
  • Create CNAME record for this domain, the record will refer to the domain (the dot at the end is necessary).
  • Wait till the changes are applied.

For example, if you want to use the domain, you should create the following CNAME record: CNAME

More about CNAME records is here.

Attention! We periodically check parked domains. If the regular check detects incorrect CNAME record, media files, screenshots and player will have been referring to our system domains until check is successful.