Secure video streaming

Impossible to download encrypted video using special programs

Unique dynamic watermark helps to reveal piracy source

Joint purchases are easy to spot with our functionality

Controlling viewer sessions

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How we protect content
from video piracy

Video Download Protection

To prevent video courses and lessons from downloading, we encrypt the data before delivering to the viewer. As a result, third party download tools and plugins either do not see the file or download an encrypted version. Playback is possible only with our player, as you need a unique key created for the viewer. This key is transferred automatically. We use Clear key DRM technology to protect your videos, this option is paid additionally - 20 USD per month for all videos in the project.

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Screen record protection

We understand that nothing can safeguard your content from screen recording tools like mobile or video camera. But we know, that displaying the user’s information like email, name and IP over the video deters from further distributing over the internet. Dynamic watermark will appear at random spots of player every 8 seconds. It is semi-transparent and does not disturb the viewer. If an online thieve tries to delete watermark, the player will reload and send notification about this event.

Using dynamic watermarking, you should activate DRM protection and connect password, PPV or form registration restriction.

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Domain name access restrictions

One of the easiest ways to protect your videos from unauthorized access. Videos will play only on whitelisted domains. We check every player request. If content pirate copies the embed code you have used to publish the video, he will be unable to play this video due to "Access denied" error. Restrictions also work with streams and webinars.

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Password protection

You can lock your media with password option. Every password has protection options:
— access start date
— period
— access expire date
— number of password activations
— Ban concurrent multiple devices access

We create a unique password for every viewer who has been added to the list. Optionally, we can send an email with access parameters and a link to the media.

The viewer enters the password at player first time start. After that, Boomstream will remember the viewer parameters. The same process occurs when purchasing an e-ticket.

Next time viewer tries to watch the video, Boomstream checks data stored in its database and got from a player. If at least one parameter matches, the access session restores automatically, and you do not need to enter a password. If they differ, the platform will ask to enter password, thus using the activation. This functionality limits the possibility to transfer password to unauthorized users.

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Controlling viewer sessions

The platform records any player launch for every unique viewer. We fix time, device, browser and IP address and display it in your personal account. You can set up notifications, then we will indicate about the viewers who used password activations. There is also an option that blocks simultaneous viewing of the media with one password from different devices. Also, you can restrict access to media from certain devices or browsers.

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Protection by IP address

To enable it, you should generate a md5 hash and provide it to us. The result will be a unique video link for a viewer. It will play only from the specified IP address.


We use CDN for your content to be available in any destination. And you can manage your media to play or not in specific countries.

Protecting videos with temporary links

To enable it, you should generate a md5 hash and provide it to us. The links created this way will be active for the period specified in the settings. Upon expire, the viewer will no longer be able to watch the content.

We know that only integrated approach to the content protection will give best results

And it doesn't matter where - on your website or LMS, Boomstream will protect your copyrighted content

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