Video Platform Pricing

There is no monthly subscriptions for the platform usage. You pay only for the actually used resources.

Registration Bonus

You get a registration bonus on your account of $3 for one month to test Boomstream Platform.

This budget will be enough for a 2-hour online broadcast for 15 viewers, or to show a 2-hour uploaded video for 15 viewers.

Storage uploaded videos – 1 hour of video per month
Play uploaded videos – 1 hour
Online broadcasting – 1 hour
Play online broadcasts – 1 hour
Calculate your expenses

Use this calculator to find the approximate cost of using the Boomstream Platform.

How many hours of uploaded videos would you like to have?


How many hours of uploaded videos will be watched monthly?


How many hours of live broadcasts would you like to have monthly?


How many people will watch your live broadcasts monthly?

Cost: USD/month*
Please contact our sales to calculate your personal business plan
* Approximate cost of expenses per month
Example of Boomstream Platform usage

You are talented confectioner and recently have screened 3-hour video about creating wedding cake. You’ve set PPV subscription for $5. Every day 5 customers purchase your video. It means that playback will count 450 hours in a month. Usage of Boomstream service in a month costs $46.50, and your income is $637.50 (after paying Boomstream fee)

3 H * 0.50 USD/month
1.50 USD/month
450 * 0.10 USD/month
45.00 USD/month
Total cost
46.50 USD/month
Your profit
637.50 USD/month
Payment Methods

You can use the following payment gateways for depositing money:

  • CloudPayments. Payment with bank cards Visa and MasterCard.
  • Robokassa. Payment with online wallets, bank cards, payment terminals, etc.
  • Bank transfer. Payment with bank transfer (only for legal entities).

The order of service and refund for the unused resources are described in the Terms & Conditions.

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