Pay-Per-View System

Boomstream Platform introduces the pay-per-view system. You can make money from your video content selling access to it on your website

Example video player with paid access

This is the best solution for making money from your video lessons, webinars, video trainings or other exclusive content.

How start selling your video content using Boomstream platform
  1. Upload video or create live broadcasting.
  2. Conclude agent agreement with Boomstream.
  3. Adjust PPV subscription settings:
    • Cost of subscription for viewer,
    • Period, during which, viewer has access to paid subscription,
    • Quantity of possible subscription activations.
  4. Add video/stream to created subscription.
  5. Get direct link or iframe for publication.

How to make purchase - Using bank card, e-money, mobile phone (for residents of Russia only).

Earned money is credited to your account balance.

You request a withdrawal of funds in your account.

Boomstream fee for using our payment gateway is 8 % from subscription price. Withdrawal of funds is possible only on settlement account without any fees.

If you are non-resident of Russia, we’ll discuss individually options of fund withdrawal. In all other cases user works under license agreement.

Your video could already make money for you!