Pay-Per-View System

Boomstream Platform introduces the pay-per-view system. Monetize your video content using paywall built into the player. You will keep 100 % of revenue and pay us only for storage and bandwidth.

Sample PPV player for you to try

Secure and easy-to-use player with customizable features. Charge viewers for a period access to your content. Use promo codes and multiple currencies to reach all type of audience.

How to turn your videos into revenue
  1. Register.
  2. Upload video, create live stream or playlist.
  3. Set up PPV subscription::
    • Cost of subscription for viewer
    • Period, during which, viewer has access to subscription after payment
    • Quantity of possible subscription activations.
  4. Add video/stream to created subscription.
  5. Connect your PayPal account to player paywall.
  6. Publish player direct link or iframe.
  7. If you use iframe for publishing, you should “park domain” with your Boomstream project. Here is instruction.

    If you place iframe without domain parking, it will not work properly. This restriction is based on browsers privacy policy for using of Cookies technology for cross domain usage.

How to make purchase - With PayPal, credit card, e-money, mobile phone (for residents of Russia only).

Total revenue goes directly to your connected PayPal account.

There are no any fees from Boomstream platform, we charge you only for resources.

Your video could already make money for you!