Updates during beta testing

During beta testing we trialed our service, eliminated the technological defects, added a bunch of new features. It is safe to say, that we are ready for work 100%. Particular attention is given to user questions. We do our best to respond quickly and efficiently to customer questions and requests, and also introduce new features by requests.

Here is a partial list of features that have been added recently:

  • Possibility to park your domain.
  • Video upload by FTP (File Transport Protocol).
  • Geotargeting - select your country to display the video.
  • Upload API - possibility to integrate with your site HTML-form to upload files from PC.
  • Watermark - the opportunity to apply your logo to the video.
  • Opportunity to choose preferred streaming type: adaptive streaming, pseudo streaming.
  • Choice of styles for the player.
  • Playlists have been added.
  • New tariff plans have been added.