We added Pay Per View

Now users of video platform BoomStream can make on their video content. This functionality is called Pay Per View. This functionality is required for the sales organization of its own video content.

Payment gateways are available for payment of video content:

  • SMS commerce operators: Megafon, SMARTS, Tele2, MTS, Yutel, Beeline
  • Robokassa with a huge list of payment instruments: payment terminals, e-wallets, bank cards, mobile operators and etc.

Algorithm of work is very simple:

  • Uploading user's video content to BoomStream
  • Creating an element in the "Paid Access", which contains the settings for video sales, such as name/description, cost and duration of viewing.
  • Binding of the uploaded video and created paid access.
  • Any code of player that is associated with paid access prompts the user for payment before the video starts playing.

Detailed information about PPV on BoomStream.com by reference https://boomstream.com/docs/pay-per-view.html