Changing the billing system

We simplify billing system and make payment service easier and more convenient for our customers.

Update billing happens May 20, 2015

Changes in the system:

  • Updated user interface in the account associated with the statistics of use of the platform.
  • Eliminated the ability to create/edit attributes.
  • The newly uploaded videos will have a standard set of five qualities.
  • The number of qualities does not affect the cost of storing the video.
  • Write-off of funds for the storage of the original files is suspended.
  • Write-off of funds for the storage is done on the basis of the total duration of uploaded/recorded video.
  • Write-off of funds for traffic replaced by write-offs for the duration of viewing.

The cost of using a platform for a new charging system

  • Live Broadcast - $ 0,1 for 1 hour of viewing/broadcasting.
  • Uploaded/recorded video - $ 0,03 per 1 hour of viewing.
  • Storage of one hour of video - $ 0,5 per month.