Purchase of video content

Purchase of Video On Demand or Live broadcasting goes in several steps.

1. Choose subscription

In most cases, there is only one subscription, big orange button with price. Also on the subscription page you can see period of access to the video content after purchase.

single subscription...

If there are several subscriptions for video content, customer could choose any variant. For example, subscription costs 299 rubles for 30 days or 150 rubles for 2 days.

choice of subscription...

If video content is in group subscription, after purchase of this video content, you get access to all media in this subscription. For example, all video on one site in one group subscription, or all video from one playlist.

group subscription...

2. Choose the payment method

  • bank card
  • Robokassa payment system, which includes a lot of payment methods, such as QIWI, e-wallets, Bank payment, mobile payment.
  • PayPal

payment method...

3. Give e-mail address and confirm payment information

Attention! Be careful during typing e-mail address, as payment system doesn’t verify it.

Final cost of subscription includes fee of payment gatesway and depends on type of payment.

confirm payment...

4. Payment

Go to the payment system page and finish payment.

payment with card...

5. Returning to the player and viewing paid video content

If payment was made in separate browser tab, player would start automatically after payment.

If payment page opened instead of player tab, you could go back to the player window from the payment system interface.

return to player...

After payment you will receive message on specified email address with link to the video content player and recovery code.

letter with recovery code...

6. Attention If you purchase live broadcasting, you have to check by yourself date and time of streaming from seller.

If live broadcasting doesn’t begin or has ended, after payment you will see streaming name and message: Live Broadcasting is inactive now.

live is inactive...