URL Notification

For the notification about different events on Boomstream platform we use URL notification.

For example we provide notification when video file is ready for publishing. After video file is uploaded and at least one transcode is ready, POST request, containing code of video file (POST parameter “Code”), will be sent to the specified URL.

HTTP code 200 is expected as a positive response. If other HTTP code is returned, notification will be repeated in 10 minutes. After getting third negative response notification for this video file will be stopped.

These are standart webhooks on Boomstream:

  • media.created - successful file creation
  • media.completed - successful file processing
  • media.failed - fail occured during file processing
  • ppv.bought - successful media purchase
  • live.started - live stream started
  • live.stopped - live stream stopped
  • screenshots.completed- screenshorts were created

You can create URL notification in Accout Settings, tab Webhooks. If you need some notifications, pls write us on support@boomstream.com.